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Experience the fun of playing music.

Bandzo is a professional backing tool for music practice. The app is developed to separated the solo instrument and accompaniment from music.

The music plays right at where your finger tap on screen, as the music is synchronized with digital sheet music.

The app has received great recognition among many app awards. and is highly recommend from music teachers. All the educational function is for spreading the fun of practicing music.

You Will Be a Rock Star!

bandzo is exactly what I need. I turn off the other instruments and just keep the drum parts and listen to how it's played. Once I learn it, I turn the drums off and the rest of the music back on, and play like I'm with rest of the band. The note-taking feature is perfect for when I teach. I can simply make the crescendo or diminuendo marks directly on the screen! bandzo definitely brings a lot more fun to my music teaching and playing experience.

Mike Mclaughlin, Drummer, ShinBand

You Can Learn Bass at Home!

bandzo has so many great functions! For example, you can easily switch on and off the metronome, or the bass accompaniment in the music and still practice with the other instruments. You can adjust the tempo to suit your level, and the best part is the customized repeat function that lets you practice over and over again! Now anyone can learn bass without a sweat in their own home!

Pei-rong Chiu, renowned bass player

bandzo Web

Enjoy bandzo’s accompaniments using web browser on your desktop. It is especially designed as practice station and is in size of actual sheet music when display on 21” monitor. Great option for teaching and practicing. Web app available on IE 9+、Chrome、Firefox、Safari、Opera

bandzo Tablet

Anywhere anytime!
Your music and digital sheet music is synchronized as you play. This unprecedented experience enchanted your musical practice and makes it a pleasant enjoyment.
Supports:iOS 8 and above, Android 4.4 and above

bandzo Mobile

All you need for your musical practice is in the size of your palm. Supports:iOS 8 and above, Android 4.4 and above

Enjoy It on Windows 8.1
on the Big Screen

Android Version
Coming Soon!

So Functional, So Easy!

We've thought of everything you'd need......


The "Tune" function lets you to switch the playing music freely between 440-443.

Touch and Play

Digital cursor follows along with the music. No matter which page or bar you are at, just touch the screen and the music will play instantly from there. It is easy, and simply magic!

Customized Repeat Section

Using the touch function, you can set the start and end point anywhere in the music and just practice the selected section repeatedly. This is an effective way for practicing those tricky and difficult passages.


Every piece of music is embedded with humanized metronome that will guide you through tempo changes with ease.


"Auto-Flip" function will automatically turn the page for you at the end of the page, and even at repeat signs.

Adjustable Playing Tempo

The "Adjustable Playing Tempo" function allows you to slow down the tempo of play-along track up to 50% and remain the same audio quality.


"Transpose" allows you to freely adjust the key of the music, the range of the "Transpose" function is from -12 to up to +12 half notes.

Note Taking

You can save all the notes easily on the sheet music and share instantly. No more wasting paper for xeroxing. Let's be environmental friendly and protect our earth.