About us

bandzo Your Practice Buddy

Bandzo is an app tailor-made for beginning students to practice their instruments. With audio backing music for every song and interactive features embedded in the app, practicing is now no longer a painful process. Students can enjoy the fun of practicing with accompaniment.

Bandzo uses the latest technology in media with high-quality MP3 backing music. The intelligent score is synchronized with backing music and many interative features, which makes practicing sessions lively. It’s more convenient than using traditional sheet music with a compact disc, and much better than downloading bad quality midi accompaniment files. Bandzo fulfills the need of practicing with real backing music, and it has been successfully motivating students to practice on their own.

Bandzo is the best practicing aid for students who have learned their instruments for 5 years or less. It’s also a great teaching aid for music instructors in the classroom and a great accompaniment tool for recitals, qualification exams and competitions.

Bandzo / Brand Story

Music itself is fascinating!
Every music student longs to enjoy compliments on their performances as well as performing together with others.

However, most students give up learning because practicing music itself is boring, and sometimes even dreary. Learning music is not an easy path and the tedious practicing process adds to the difficulties of sustaining one’s passion of learning. In fact, our initial conception of learning an instrument is often vastly different from reality.

90% or more of the practicing is done alone; accompaniment becomes one of the most difficult resources to find when practicing, yet it is especially needed for nurturing the fun and a sense of achievement for beginning students.

The brand tenet is to provide backing music to each of the 400 million music students around the world by bringing the enjoyment of practicing right at their fingertips.

Our team aspires to ensure that students have fun when practicing and feel confident about what they do. Bandzo aims to provide the best practicing experience with our high quality backing music combined with the latest technology in the market, and is free of restrictions of time and place. Now, you can have accompaniment right in your own home. Get ready to say good-bye to boring practice sessions. Bandzo will make your practicing fun!

bandzo school Your music journey starts here!

Bandzo School is a learning platform under Bandzo and is also the biggest digital teaching platform in the world. Bandzo School has overcome the difficulties of the traditional learning method; it helps students understand their learning progress and develop a better grasp of their learning projection. It’s well adopted by teachers all over the world.

Enjoyment is the key to motivating the process of learning music. Furthermore, students’ performances are also strongly affected by the quality of instructors, learning environment, teaching methods and teaching materials that are used. Bandzo School emphasizes on providing the tools that are suited to the needs of students today and at the same time strengthen their performing skills.

The teaching materials of Bandzo School are put together by a group of outstanding professionals who worked tirelessly to compose courses that best fit Chinese students and parents. It allows parents, students and music institutions to take control of an individual’s progress and predict future milestones. It helps students gain confidence when performing on stage, while sharing the fruit of their labor with teachers and parents.

Bandzo School has comprehensive lesson plans for its teachers, and provides extensive curriculum in the aim of providing a better educational environment for beginner musicians. We emphasize teacher training, monitor progress in each lesson, and provide learning projections for each student so they are able to meet their personal goals. This helps students learn most effectively while enhancing their skills to perform on stage.

Want to learn music? Do you know how to choose the most suitable learning method for you?
It’s often easy to get lost while surveying various teaching methods or styles. Many find that, after registering and paying for music lessons, they have lost the enjoyment of learning music.
Bandzo School allows everyone to enjoy learning music right from the start!